Financial transactions involve risks of variation in interest rates, exchange rates, securities, commodities or indices. In view of these risks PENTIUM FUND clients should have the requisite knowledge and experience to assess the characteristics and risks associated with each contemplated financial transaction. PENTIUM FUND und will provide any additional information, reasonably requested by the client, in order to enable it to assess the risks and characteristics of the transaction. Accordingly, when the client enters into the contemplated financial transaction, he will be deemed to understand and accept the terms, conditions and risks associated with it. The client will also be deemed, to act for its own account, to have made it own independent decision to enter into that financial transaction and to declare that such transaction is appropriate or proper for it based upon its own judgment and upon advice from such advisers as it has deemed necessary.

PENTIUM FUND clients are finally required to undertake a detailed analysis of all financial, legal, regulatory, accounting and tax issues raised by any transaction they are contemplating, so as to evaluate the merits and suitability of the transaction and should not rely on PENTIUM FUND for this.

The information contained herein is provided to you by PENTIUM FUND on a strictly confidential basis. Any prices or examples of possible transactions contained in this document are set out for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute any form of offer from PENTIUM FUND to trade such terms or constitute an indication that it is possible to trade on those precise terms. It is also understood that all information given by PENTIUM FUND related to the terms and conditions of a financial transaction shall not be considered investment advice or as a recommendation to enter into that transaction. Actual prices will depend on market conditions at the time the transaction is concluded. PENTIUM FUND will not assume any responsibility for the financial consequences of the client trading in the financial transaction described in this document.